Astra Pro – cosas que aprendo a hacer

Poner el icono de la lupa y del carrito en el menú

This can be achieved with Search and Woocommerce cart shortcodes that come with Astra Pro.

In the customizer under Layout > Header > Primary Header > Last Item in Menu – Select Widget. Then navigate back in the customizer and go to Widgets > Header. Now take two separate Text widget and add shortcodes for Search and Woocommerce Mini Cart.

Códigos Búsqueda

  1. The Slide search
    Left: [astra_search]
    Right:[astra_search direction="right"]
  2. The Full-screen search
    [astra_search style="full-screen"]
  3. The Header cover search
    [astra_search style="cover"]
    Note: This shortcode will display a search box with respect to its parent class.
  4. The Search box
    [astra_search style="inline"]

Códigos Carrito

[astra_woo_mini_cart direction="top left"]
[astra_woo_mini_cart direction="bottom right"]
[astra_woo_mini_cart direction="top right"]